Recover - Single Serving Packet

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• All natural with certified organic ingredients
• 24 grams of certified grass-fed, non-GMO Whey Protein
• 8 grams of carbs from Certified Organic low glycemic coconut sugar
• Fortified with Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine 
• Gluten Free
• Everything your body needs for recovery in a single product

Benefits of Recover

Recover is a very unique all-natural product that supports muscle recovery and supplementary protein needs for athletes. At the core of Recover is Pure Certified Grass-Fed, non-GMO, hormone-free whey protein. In addition,Recover provides added Branched Chain Aminos and Glutamine, with from pure plant based sources, to support faster muscle rebuilding and soft tissue repair. To help restore blood glucose and glycogen levels after tough workouts, we added 8 grams of carbohydrates from low glycemic Certified Organic Coconut Sugar. Last but certainly not least,Recover is flat-out down-right delicious, and we made it that way using only organic and all-natural flavors and sweeteners, including Certified Organic Stevia Leaf extract! 

Best uses for Recover

Recover is recommended for any athlete, regardless of sport, who trains 4 or more days per week, and/or who needs improved recovery from moderate to high-volume training. In addition, Recover is terrific for any person who needs additional protein intake throughout the day to meet macro-nutrient requirements for a protein based diet plan.