About Us

Redefining BEST

We took a long look at what the sports nutrition market has to offer and decided that it was simply not good enough. We can do better. We have to do better. More "me too" is unacceptable even if what we have is already good. Because good is not good enough. Good is the enemy of great.

Most people we know who are great at what they do, were good at one time, but didnt settle for that, didnt rest on their laurels. They set the bar higher. They didnt wait for someone else to tell them they could do better, they knew it in their hearts. Just as you know it in your heart. No human being ever wants to settle. It just isnt in our nature to do so.

For those of us who search deep inside, who give our hearts to something we value, we know that with effort comes success. There are no short cuts, but amazing things happen with effort. We find that as we apply ourselves, forge our resolve, fall and get back up again, that we step forward from good to better, and then from better to best.

That is what life is all about: moving forward, building the things and experiences we care about most, brick by brick. Not settling for anything less than the best possible result. That is the type of experience we want to foster in everything we create and offer to you. We urge you to join the forward movement.

Discover what so many others have learned already: UR - the difference between good, better or best.